2019 MedTech Regulatory Awards

2019 MedTech Regulatory Awards 

Recognizing the Impact and Innovation of Regulatory Affairs Professionals 

The annual MedTech Regulatory Awards honors regulatory affairs professionals in the MedTech industry and their efforts to improve global public health. Celebrate regulatory affairs achievements with your colleagues and the lasting impact of your work on people’s lives from making safe and advanced MedTech products and practices available to the public. This event is happening during this year's RAPS Regulatory Convergence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

 Award winners who are available to attend will receive assistance with travel and stay, if required. Awards will be presented through video conferencing if in-person attendance is not feasible.

About the Awards

MedTech Regulatory Award To recognize exceptional effort made by regulatory affairs professionals and their teams in bringing many advanced medical technologies and practices to patients and physicians around the world in 2018. This award is open to regulatory affairs professionals and teams from manufacturing companies.  

MedTech Impact Award To recognize the global impact of a specific MedTech product and the regulatory team behind its universal market access. This award is open to regulatory affairs professionals and teams from manufacturing companies.  

Regulatory Innovation Leader Award To recognize a leader in regulatory affairs who has displayed innovative and creative practices, methods and/or tools to assist with medtech compliance and global regulations. This award is open to a regulatory affairs professional from a consulting or manuacturing company. 

Event Details

The 2019 MedTech Regulatory Awards will be held at the famous Franklin Institute, named after the American scientist and statesman, Benjamin Franklin located right in the Center City.

DATE: 7:30 PM Monday, September 23rd 2019

LOCATION: 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA

YOUR TICKET INCLUDES: Wine & Beer and Hors d'Oeuvres

COST: Limited free tickets available

The 2019 MedTech Regulatory Award Winners  

2019 MedTech Impact Award 

The Mazor Robotics Regulatory team will be awarded this year's MedTech Impact Award for their success in bringing breakthrough advancements in robotic surgery world-wide and for recently receiving FDA clearance for their core technology, the Mazor X Stealth Edition in 2018. 

2019 MedTech Impact Award 

The 2018 ACell Regulatory team will be receiving this year's MedTech Impact Award for their great accomplishment of registering their company's products outside of the US market for the first time, last year. Other successful registrations include the first Hiatal Hernia specific product cleared under the OWV product code since 2014. 

2019 MedTech Regulatory Award  

The Optos Regulatory Team will be presented the 2019 MedTech Regulatory Award for their extraordinary work in bringing their leading ophthalmology products to over 40 countries, and with over 10,000 devices installed world-wide. In 2018, they registered their next break-through device, the P200TE Monaco in over 20 countries. 

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Thanks to all who attended!

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Hosted by Arazy Group Consultants 

Arazy Group is a global regulatory affairs firm providing customized registration and license management solutions to medical and IVD device manufacturers. Arazy Group created LICENSALE.COM® which is a cloud-based, global product registration service that streamlines, simplifies, and expedites the approval process for all types of MedTech devices. LICENSALE.COM® is proven to reduce time to market and overall regulatory cost by as much as 50%.

2019 MedTech Regulatory Awards